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Nomad Mobili - Nomadic Roots

Nomadic Roots


Nomadic tribes existed long before nation states, city walls or written law. They walked across the pampas grasslands of South America, the veldts of Africa, the steppes of Russia, the prairies of North America. They sailed across a vast Pacific in outrigger canoes, without compass or GPS to dots of land strung like pearls along an infinite horizon.

Their names are many:  Asheq, Afar, Bedouin, Cukchi, Comanchee, Falunis, Hunong, Maori, Dhangar, Bakhtiari, Crow, Maasai, Changpa, Roma, Tuareg, Wuhu, Kale, Chalu, Berber, Ghorbat, Nausar, Sazandeh, Souix, Shadibaz, Vangawala and countless others.

In many ways surfers carry forward this nomadic tradition. We are less comfortable cloaked in flags or defined by borders. We are willing to travel across vast distances, to relate to people of different lands, eat local food, drink local wine, eyes fixed on the horizon, crossing borders in a ceaseless quest for the perfect wave.

Nomadic Formations